dancing on the inside~

Brad Richardson

March 19th, 2012


Her name is Elizabeth. The years have taken their toll. She’s missing a few teeth, and her hair is very thin. She had to move to the the Assisted Living Center because she fell and broke her leg – and so she can’t get around on her own.

But she has a big, bright smile.

Elizabeth lit up when the Musicianary, Chuck Beckman, asked her is she would like some music. She sighed deeply with delight and cooed, “I would love some music!”

Chuck pulled up his chair and tuned up his guitar. He began to play a lively tune, to which she began to smile a little. Her right leg was in a cast, but the toes began to wiggle, ever so slightly. As Chuck continued the upbeat music, her other foot began to move with the rhythm. Soon her legs were moving as she swayed and moved, confined to her bed, as though she were dancing.

When the song finished, Elizabeth exclaimed, “Oh my! That was wonderful! It took me back to the days when I would dance with my husband for hours.”

She had married Ed in 1943. They have been together ever since. Who knows how many dances they have had together – perhaps too many to count over the past 69 years of marriage.

For a few minutes, at least, she was transported to a wonderful place where she was free from the confines of her aging body.



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