anxiety attack~

anxiety attack~

Brad Richardson

March 22nd, 2012


Imagine this…

Your phone rings and on the other end someone informs you that your son, your daughter, your mother, father or someone you love very much is “acting out.” Driving drunk, strung out on drugs, or acting¬†psychotic. You have dealt with or suspected strange things going on but now the future is quite uncertain as this person is being checked into the Mental Health Ward of the local hospital. Imagine it. Maybe you don’t have to imagine it because you’ve already been there and experienced it. The loss of control. The world starts spinning and you can’t stop it. Many people are dealing with situations like this even as I write.

It is for this reason I pack up my guitar this morning and drive over to West Pines Mental Health Center. With my chair set up in the lobby, people are dealing with anxiety as they go through the process to try and save a loved one’s life. Or maybe their own.

My prayer is that the music will bring some peace. Calm some fears. Relieve some anxiety. This is a moment in the calling of a Musicianary.

Are you a musician? There are so many places like this where your music can create a healing environment for someone that is suffering. Mercy Music exists to be a bridge for you to enter into this calling. Contact me for more information.

Brad Richardson

Founder/Executive Director


  1. Wade Krauss says:

    hi brad , nice to meet you last night . i look forward to working at hospice with you. Wade

    • Brad Richardson says:

      Thanks, Wade! I saw you at the James Taylor concert but couldn’t get to you to say “Hi!” Would love to get together with you sometime! God bless!

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