silent night~


April 14th, 2013




…the soft tones of this familiar Christmas Carol gently flowed from my guitar and seemed to wrap Carolyn up like a warm, soft comforter… “Holy Night” …her agitation eased, her furrowed brow relaxed…she began to breathe easier… “All is Calm” … as the strings of my guitar caused the Spanish wood to vibrate, there came a peace that could be felt…and we experienced the calm as this mother and her family took a deep breath and drank from a musical healing stream… Carolyn’s family had asked hospice if there might be a musician available to play for their mother while they celebrated her last birthday here on earth. That was yesterday when I got the call and was able to respond. As I write these words, I receive an email informing me that Carolyn passed on peacefully this morning and thanking me for the music. Through the gift of music, we are bringing mercy, love, hope and healing into otherwise what can be very stressful situations. On earth, music brings peace. ~Bradford (Dec 19, 2009)

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