CAB hospice~

Chuck Beckman

May 13th, 2013


I visited an elderly gentleman who was transitioning (dying) with his family gathered at the bedside today.  After introducing myself, I began playing soft, arrhythmic music.  As I played, I noticed the patient’s breathing becoming more peaceful while his wife closed her eyes as she listened to the music. Within a few minutes, she had fallen asleep sitting upright on the sofa.  After 20 minutes, the family’s pastor came in and began praying as I left the room.

As I was writing notes of my visit in the hallway, the pastor concluded his prayer. Within seconds, one of the family members came to the door to ask for a nurse.  The nurse checked on her patient and returned shortly saying that the pastor and I had ushered this patient to heaven with our music and prayer. The family was astonished and incredibly grateful for the manner in which he passed.

As I drove to the unit earlier, I whispered a prayer asking God to fill my music with His Peace and Presence.  He was pleased to answer my prayer within 20 minutes.  I am so privileged to share that sacred time and place with patients and families every week. ~Chuck

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