What a Wonderful World ~

What a Wonderful World ~

Zachery Martinez

July 11th, 2013


Occasionally, the power of music simply astounds us and leaves us totally in awe!   A few weeks ago,  I was playing for an un-responsive hospice patient who had suffered a stroke.  With his wife at the bedside, the patient showed no signs of being aware of my presence or my music.   I played music appropriate for a patient in this condition for nearly 20 minutes and near the end of my session, a quiet voice seemed to whisper “You’re not finished yet!”  

I looked at the patient’s wife and asked, “Does your husband enjoy Louis Armstrong?”  She exclaimed excitedly, “Oh yes!  He loves “It’s a Wonderful World.”   Even though I would not normally consider this piece for a patient in this condition, the song felt appropriate. So I played a few verses of the song and as I was finishing, the patient’s eyes suddenly flashed wide open.  He turned and looked at me and stammered “Ba- bu – beu –  beau – beautiful!   Thank You!”   His wife was overwhelmed and amazed that her husband had some how awakened.   I immediately sensed that they should share this moment alone, so I excused myself and left them holding hands and speaking softly to one another.  When I returned three days later,  I learned that the couple had only shared a few brief moments together, but that they had been able to say “Goodbye” and that he had passed away the following day.   I am so privileged to witness such amazing miracles while serving the suffering and to know that our music can minister to patients and their families in extraordinary and powerful ways.   Chuck Beckman, Mercy Music, Atlanta

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