Board of Directors

BOD bradBradford Richardson, Founder and CEO
Brad Richardson is a “Musicianary” who has travelled the globe fulfilling his life purpose of bringing comfort and encouragement to a hurting world through the gift of music. To this end, he founded and is Executive Director of Mercy Music International, an organization dedicated to engaging and equipping musicians into musical outreach, thereby becoming “Musicianaries.”

Brad has had the opportunity to bring his music to many places including Israel, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Africa and Colombia, as well as many cities in the U.S. Brad has written, produced and played on numerous albums. His gift of sharing love and mercy through music has been used to bring healing to the hurting in such dark places as mental health centers, hospices, hospitals, prisons and Alzheimer’s centers. His song, “A Colorado Columbine,” penned after the Columbine shooting in Colorado, was part of a nationally released CD project to bring comfort, healing and financial support to those directly affected by the darkness and pain of this tragedy. Brad is married to a cute and wonderful Scottish girl named Laura. They have one son, three daughters, and a two granddaughters.


BOD guyLee Hinman, Vice-Chair
Lee is a Senior environmental adviser for a midsized energy company. He has been a member of a worship band for the past 17 years. Lee became a part of Mercy Music because he wants to help serve people and has a profound love of music. Lee feels that music is a way to reach out, not only to each other, but music gives us a way to reach out towards God.

Lee believes that it’s important that we all reach out to everyone in need, not just those who agree with our views. He believes that God wants us to love first. If there is a single word that defines God it would be love.





BOD zacZachery Martinez, Treasurer
Zach has always been drawn to music… despite genre, era, or style he appreciates the craft and the heart that goes into making music. An understanding of how powerful music can be, inspired and directed by God… that is what drives him to make Mercy Music successful. Zach works in finance, focused on financing renewable energy projects, but his passion for music and for his community, that is what really motivates him.

The proven and amazing effect that the music of MMI has had on communities and individuals cannot be overstated, and Zach is devoted to expanding the reach of this organization to bring music to as many hurting and marginalized people as possible!




BOD julieJulie Martinez, Chairman of the Board
Julie has been playing piano since she was very little.  Her passion for composing was sparked while she was still in elementary school.  Over the years, Julie developed her skills as a pianist and vocalist and has played an active role in ministry participating in worship teams, playing for weddings and other events, and of course, serving as a Mercy Music Musicianary.  Beyond her passion for music, Julie excels as a business professional.  She currently works in the finance industry and specializes in project management, strategic planning and management, financial analysis, etc.

Julie’s passion for music and her strong desire to serve others make her a perfect fit for Mercy Music.  She enjoys offering her gifts so that others may experience the healing power, and encouragement of music.  In addition, Julie’s professional background and expertise make her well suited and equipped to further lead this organization into the future where MMI will continue to serve more and more individuals throughout the world.