Music for Outreach

State and Federal regulations prohibit photography at our various Mercy Music concerts at correctional facilities, mental health institutions and shelters. The audience members at these events are often incarcerated or they are mentally ill, they are abused and abandoned. They are young and old alike, hidden from the world in so many different institutions, facilities and wards.

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With small ensembles to full blown 10-piece bands, Mercy Music strives to provide hope and encouragement to those who are cut off from society, to let them know that they are not forgotten and for many, to plant a seed of hope that can grow into restoration, freedom and new life.

Live music can bring a sense of peace…it can reduce situational anxiety, facilitate communication and create a healing environment that encourages meaningful emotional expression. Music can create an atmosphere of beauty, peace, and reverence for participants in therapeutic settings. Live music can help restore the human spirit. Mercy Music comes with a message of hope into residential treatment facilities, drug and alcohol rehab programs and correctional facilities.



“Thank you for coming, it was amazing! I hope you guys can come again and make us feel better. You made me feel better.” ~15 year old girl at a Residential Treatment Center