janet picJanet works with a feeding program in an community just outside Guatemala city called Ciudad Peronia called Casaverde Ministries. Peronia started as a squatters village several years ago. The área she works in is steeped in poverty, crime and gang activity. Casaverde started about 15 years ago with a simple feeding program and bible club for some neighborhood children. Sincé that time the ministry has grown to host a Christian elementary school, a local church and now the Worship Academy which I direct.

Mercy Music came alongside and helped Casaverde tremendously in early years by bringing several instruments and supplies when we were just getting started. And have become one of our supporters over the past five years.

The children, youth and adults we are working with have practically no access to musical training apart from what we are doing there. We average about 50-60 students each semester. These are high risk kids getting an opportunity to develop, heal, and grow in an environment filled with love and filled with music. We have seen over these few years several really talented and dedicated young people excel on their instruments and step in to worship ministry in their local congregations. So in turn, they are now ministering healing and life to others through the gift they have been given.