Music for the Next Generation

A few years back, Mercy Music founder Brad Richardson asked “How many un-developed Carlos Santanas or Louis Armstrongs are out there who will never develop their musical potential, who will never experience the joy of music because they have no access to musical instruction or instruments?” In response, Mercy Music supports local and international initiatives to provide musical instruments and instruction to under-resourced children so that they might develop their musical gifts.


Not only providing instruments to needy children, but also providing musical education to those that would never be able to afford it. To date, Mercy Music has provided nearly 1,000 instruments to children in 25 different countries on 5 continents. Instruments and education and a relationship with a teacher bring a sense of hope, purpose and worth as children learn self-discipline and goal setting. It is a proven fact that learning music helps children grow intellectually, emotionally and socially.



“Poverty has as much to do with the lack of opportunity as it does with the lack of basic needs being met. These kids are gifted just like any other children in more affluent settings, they simply lack the opportunity to develop their artistic skills. Thanks to Mercy Music, that is changing. ~Janet Moutray, Founder of Casaverde Music Academy outside of Guatemala City in South America